Housing provision is a provincial government function administered by the Department of Corporative Governence, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA). However, Sol Plaatje Municipality is accredited at level 2, to implement subsidy administration and housing development. This means Sol Plaatje Municipality is responsible for ensuring housing development readiness status in accordance with CoGHSTA housing strategy. This includes identification of projects as prioritized on the IDP which must then be budgeted for under the Division of Revenue Act (DoRA).

At a functional level, the municipality performs the following:

  • Housing administration
    • Allocation of sites
    • Transfer of property(ies) to deserving beneficiaries
    • Allocation of municipal stock
    • Rental
  • Housing development
    • Subsidy processing and construction of BNG houses

The key issues for housing delivery are:

  • To transfer some municipal stock to the immediate residents of the units,
  • Relocation of beneficiaries to land suitable and appropriate for human-settlement,
  • Construction of BNG houses for deserving beneficiaries.
  • To build a substantial number of units of the BNG houses as per allocation from the Provincial Dept. of Human Settlement,
  • Processing of the pre 1994 houses complaints.


The municipality has a mandate to ensure provision of all basic housing to deserving communities. 

Fact Sheet:​

Estimated backlogNo. of Units
INCREMENTAL FORMAL HOUSINGSelf-financed and improved housing 349
COMMUNAL/TRANSITIONAL HOUSINGCommunal and transitional housing146
BNG HOUSINGMunicipal delivered stock for ownership in areas of high growth 5541
SOCIAL HOUSINGMedium to high-density social housing in Hull Street and Soul City2803
FORMALISED HOME OWNERSHIPmortgaged property for the Gap market(FLISP)733
TOTAL 9572



Contact details:
Simon Mothelesi
Manager: Housing Administration
Tel: 053-8306132
Email: smothelesi@solplaatje.org.za