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The Africana Research Library owes its existence to the Kimberley Public Library which was opened on 23 July 1887. The Public Library was converted into the Africana Research Library in 1984 which has since become one of the finest research libraries in Southern Africa. 

Its collection consists of books, manuscripts, maps, photographs and other documentary material on Kimberley, the Diamond Fields, the Northern Cape archaeology and geology and many thousands of items celebrating the region’s past and its role in the history of South Africa and indeed of Africa.
A large collection of photographs is available and prints can be ordered. 

Specialist areas include records of Kimberley – its origin, the development of diamond mining and the history of the South African War of 1899 to 1902, as well as documents pertaining to genealogical research.  

Africana Library Interior 1887

The Special Collection, primarily of European origin, includes early printed books which date back as far as 1475.  

African Library Interior
The Africana Library Trust was established in 2005 when it became the legal custodian of all the collections housed in the Africana Library. The Africana Trust oversees the administration and preservation of the library’s holdings. In order to meet these obligations, it is dedicated to raising the necessary funding. 

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