Sol Plaatje Municipality is licensed to purchase electricity from Eskom and distribute to residents via the 66kV, 11kV and low voltage electrical network.

Sol Plaatje has two bulk 66kV electricity supply points from Eskom namely, Herlear and HA Morris Substations which supply the Kimberley area and Riverton Substation. Although demarcated within the Sol Plaatje municipal area, Eskom is licensed to distribute electricity in Ritchie.


Electrification remains a challenge due to continuous growth of informal settlements on vacant land. Electrical infrastructure and electrification of houses cannot be installed in informal settlements prior to township establishment.

Other major challenges regarding electricity are vandalism and copper theft that lead to equipment damage, electrical supply interruptions and possible fatalities to municipal employees or members of the public.

Residents can apply for electricity connection by completing a W1 electricity application form (click here to download residential electricity application form.

Businesses can apply for electricity connection by completing and a W2 electricity application form (click here to download commercial electricity application form.

For any of the following problems, please call our Call Centre 24/7 at 053 830 6111 or send a sms to 44204.

  • No power/no electricity at home or business
  • Dead street lights
  • High masts not working
  • Dead or faulty traffic lights
  • Illegal electricity connections
  • Cable theft
  • Unsafe environments like open electrical boxes


Contact Details:

Orren Groenewaldt

City Electrical Engineering
Tel: 053-8306402
Email: ogroenewaldt@solplaatje.org.za

Faheza van Staaden

PA: City Electrical Engineering
Tel: 053-8306413
Email: fvanstaaden@solplaatje.org.za

Nduduzo Zwane

Acting Senior Manager - Electrical Engineering
Tel: 053 8306646
Email: nzwane@solplaatje.org.za

Marcel Arthur

Senior Manager: Mechanical
Tel: 053-8306803
Email: marthur@solplaatje.org.za

Oduetse Mokale

Acting Fleet Manager
Tel: 053-8306800
Email: omokale@solplaatje.org.za

Fuad Aysen

Senior Manager Distribution
Tel: 053 8306403
Email: faysen@solplaatje.org.za

Nomasonto Sinombe

Manager Technical Support
Tel: 053 830 6595
Email: dmooketsi@solplaatje.org.za

Llewellyn Stevens

Manager Operations  and Planning
Tel: 053 8306406
Email:  lstevens@solplaatje.org.za