The Municipal Manager as head of the administration is responsible and accountable for tasks and functions as provided for in, but not limited to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, No. 32 of 2000, Chapter 8 of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, No. 56 of 2003 other functions/tasks as provided for in legislation.

He acts as the link between the council and the administration and has to account for the municipality's income and expenditure, assets and other obligations such as proper adherence to all legislation applicable to municipalities. Subject to the municipal council's policy directions, he ensures that an economically viable, effective, efficient and accountable administration is established and developed, that the IDP comes to fruition, that municipal services are delivered in a sustainable and balanced fashion, that a personnel corps is appointed, managed, developed and disciplined and that sound labour relations are maintained.

The following sections reside under and report directly to the Municipal Manager:

  • IDP Unit
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal Services
  • Policy and Planning Unit
  • Project Management Unit


​Contact Details:

Goolam Akharwaray

Municipal Manager
Tel: 053-8306100
Email: Gakhawaray@solplaatje.org.za

Julia Bonokwane and Eunice Boom
PA: Municipal Manager
Tel: 053-8306101
Email: jbonokwane@solplaatje.org.za and eboom@solplaatje.org.za

Joey van Niekerk
IDP Officer
Tel: 053-8306724
Email: jvanniekerk@solplaatje.org.za

Noxolo Molepo
Manager: Internal Audit
Tel: 053-8306750
Email: nmolepo@solplaatje.org.za 

Nkholi Pitso
Legal Advisor
Tel: 053-8306343
Email: npitso@solplaatje.org.za

Shakes Setlogelo
Manager: Policy and Planning
Tel: 053-8306526
Email: ssetlogelo@solplaatje.org.za  

Gail Jele
Manager: Project Management Unit
Tel: 053-8306301
Email: gjele@solplaatje.org.za