Central Suppliers Database

All suppliers must be registered on the Central Supplier Database  to be able to engage in any business with an organ of state.

Sol Plaatje Local Municiplity's Electronic Procurement System

In support of Sol Plaatje Local Municipality's procurement objectives and policies, it has implemented a web based e-procurement system through a selected trade portal,

Our tenders and RFQ's as well as supplier's purchase orders, contracts and performance profiles will become available on this website. Registration with Sol Plaatje on the website is free of charge. We urge you to register as soon as possible to avoid loss of business opportunities

Please ensure that you upload the following mandatory supporting documents:

Non-submission of these documents will result in non-registration. Also note that we will be phasing out manual issuing of RFQ's and purchase orders in the very near future. This system has been implemented in partnership with Tara Nawa Computer Software Solutions. If you need any assistance on the website, send an email via the contact us page on the website.

Please also note the following:

       Linking to Material Groups/Services and Brand Names

        As part of your registration process, ensure that you have linked your company to material groups/services and brand names. That will enable any buyer to quickly find you as a potential supplier of their requirements using the 'Search Suppliers' functionality on the website.


Document/Certificate Uploads

You have the ability to upload numerous different types of documents including those required by us for tender purposes. Please ensure to upload the relevant documents on the website as soon as possible. Mandatory documents are indicated

Steps to register with Sol Plaatje Municipality on and to upload Documents

1. Click on the link which will direct you to the site, top right corner click on "Sign Up"

2. Complete the Supplier sign up page and click on Submit.

3. You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your registration by clicking a link in the email.

4. You will receive a second email with your login credentials.

5. On the website, click on Login (top right hand of the page), enter your email address and password and click on login.

6. To register with Sol Plaatje, click on Register with buyers (left hand side of the screen).

7. The Registration with Buyers page will open. Find Sol Plaatje (Page1) and in the Action column, click  Register Now and then OK. You are now registered with Sol Plaatje, but you may also register with any other Buyer Organization of choice.

8. To return to your profile page, click on My Profile (left hand side of page), or members (top right hand side of page). On this page click on Documents after which documents of choice can be uploaded. Note that there are a number of tabs in which you will find different types of documents.