SMME Development Programs
Galeshewe Village and Ritchie Incubator

While access to finance is often quoted as one of the great challenges for small businesses, they also cite the need for non-financial support. Incubation, mentorship and access to business management service providers are just some of the services provided by SMMEs Village and Ritchie Incubator.


The two centre's offers free access to basic communications technology, business support services – including consultations, business facilities and infrastructural support – it has effectively assisted entrepreneurs who cannot afford the massive initial overheads associated with starting a business.

When the village had relationship with Microsoft BizSpark was able give software  development start-ups access to Microsoft software development tools and training, connects them with key industry players, including potential customers and investors, and provides marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs with their early stage tech business… for mahala.


Informal Trading

This sub-section deals with formal & informal Business Regulations Compliance focuses on ensuring that businesses have the necessary permits and licences to conduct their operations within the legal framework. 

Informal trade is a positive development in the micro business sector because it contributes to the creation of jobs and has the potential to further expand the city's economic base and contribute to the creation of a globally competitive, world class, African city. The focus of this sub-unit is to license certain types of formal business activities and manage informal trading activities in and around the city. The informal traders includes the following:

  • Street traders
  • Stalls
  • Pension points traders
  • Door to door traders