The urban renewal program is a presidential program that was launched in 2001 by the then president his Excellency Thabo Mbeki, Galeshewe was chosen as one of the eight nodal areas nationally. The program was an inter-sectoral initiative which seeks to approach nodal development piloting 3 spheres of government. This initiative primary focus was to address underdevelopment, spatial and socio-economic deficiencies in previously disadvantaged townships throughout South Africa. The program is funded through National Treasury under the Neighbourhood Development Partnership Grant (NDPG) and Provincial Government, Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA). The programme initially target Galeshewe only and in presiding years a council decision was taken jointly with COGSHTA spread to other destitute townships within the Municipal boundaries.


Urban Network Strategy

Two years back the Sol Plaatje Municipality jointly with National Treasury embarked on an initiative to develop an Urban Network Strategy (UNS) to revive certain areas within the Municipal jurisdiction. The continuous decay and disinvestment into the Kimberley Central Business District (CBD) during the assessment prompt the Municipality to target the CBD as the Primary and Galeshewe subsequently the Secondary hub.



Urban Network Strategy promotes Transport Orientated Development (TOD) along major roads by forging connectivity between primary and secondary hub. A draft concept report was completed in November 2016 and number of projects which traverse private and public has been identified to revive the CBD and attract investment back into the CBD.  




Strategic Objectives

  • Economic empowerment through creating enabling environment and enhancing social security by increasing access to basic services and sustainable jobs.
  • To improve the environment and living conditions through infrastructural upgrade and enhancing Public spaces.
  • Addressing poverty alleviation and underdevelopment ​
  • To ensure inter-sphere and inter-sectoral integrated co-ordination
  • To attractive private sector investment through government spending



Core Function

Redress spatial deficiencies and under-development in previously disadvantaged Townships through inter-sphere collaboration and leverage on private sector investment. Urban Renewal Programme involves revitalization of strategic urban localities through refurbishing of infrastructure, Local Economic Development projects and social integration.​