The following is reported in terms of Chapter 1 Section 6(3) of the Supply Chain Management Policy, for the period 1 April 2018 to 30 June  2018


  • Implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy.

    The policy was implemented in accordance with the MFMA and all relevant Regulations
  • Confirmation of Implementation of delegated powers.

    It can be confirmed that all delegated powers from Council are implemented to comply with responsibilities in terms of chapter 8 of the Act (MFMA).  All procurement is done on updated, approved delegations and sub delegations in terms of Section 4 and 5 of the Supply Chain Management Policy.

  • Implementation of the Supply Chain Management – process

    • Training of Supply Chain Management Officials.

      Some officials have started their training as per the training needs analysis.  The training needs schedule will be monitored and updated.  Nominations have been submitted.

    • Demand Management

      Outstanding bid specifications of the Consolidated Procurement Plan for 2017/18 were followed up and reasons for all unattended bids will be reported according to the National Treasury's Annexures.


      The supplier's data base was updated and monitored throughout this period.  The proposal for the implementation of a complete SCM system, bid management utility and project management utility software was considered and will be taken to the next level.  This will automatically upgrade the supplier's data base and all functions thereof.

  1. Acquisition Management

    All required procurement thresholds were adhered to and all quotations were recorded.

    There were 18 contacts awarded during this period and the quarterly report for all orders placed where less than (3) three quotations were obtained was processed and will be on record shortly.  All orders placed between R30 000 and R200 000 were reported to the CFO.


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