IDP Plan 2017-2022


The Sol Plaatje Municipality has come a long way to the current state. The leaders are convinced that the organisation is premised on the belief that change is inevitable, a change that is aimed at improving life and making the municipality accessible.

It is for this reason that during the process of developing this Integrated Development Plan, there was a compelling need to claim our position of being the city of firsts. This has led to the birth of the new vision "Towards a leading and modern city". This vision will in turn fulfil our mandate which is informed by the following key strategic objectives:

- Spatial Transformation

- Inclusive Growth

- Service Provision

- Governance

As the Council, we are mindful of the economic conditions and the impact these have on our people, the triple challenge of poverty, unemployment and inequality remain in our communities. Many families rely on government grants to put food on the table and this can only be reversed through creation of job opportunities for youth, women and the young professionals. We will be working hand-in-hand with organised youth and women forums in our locality, partner with them in furthering our ambitious programme of delivery for the next five years. Time has come that we radically transform the economy through various means and ways of empowerment.

In our endeavour to keep to our promise, excellent governance will inform decision making and performance. We want the public to actively participate in the business of the municipality throughout the term of this IDP. Get involved, be informed and know the IDP. It is our duty to continuously engage and be engaged through various structures including the IDP Representative Forum duly established.

This city has a potential to grow, and we are determined to grow as the demand rises. With the university located in the Central Business District, new lifestyle, new market and new demand has been created. We will push back the frontiers to accommodate growth in all material respects, work with business and other stakeholders in ensuring that administrative red-tape is minimized. We want to grow the city, develop its people and provide services to all.

This IDP 2017/2018 to 2021/2022 has been developed after having taken into account the inputs of management and the public in general. It is aimed at addressing the needs of the people, which in the forefront is security of land tenure and access to basic services. Our commitment as the duly elected representatives of the people is to ensure that service delivery priorities are implemented efficiently, effectively and economically.

We are indeed moving towards a leading and a modern city.

Sol Plaatje – We Serve.

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