Electricity, Roads, Sanitation and Water​

For Electricity, Roads (potholes), Sanitation, Stormwater, and Water, please contact our Infrastructure Call Centre.

Our friendly agents are on call 24 hours per day to serve your needs.

Important: Please insist on a call reference number for your complaint.

If you are unhappy with the service provided by any our agents, then please contact Mr. Thapelo Moruti and provide him with your complaint reference number.

Contact Details:

Infrastructure Call Centre

Moses Nhlapo
Tel: 053-830 6111

SMS No: 44204


Vector Control and Environmental Health​

For bees, and other insects, and environmental health in general, please contact:

​​Contact Details:

Annelle Swart
Tel: 053-830 6251
Email: aswart@solplaatje.org.za 


Illegal Dumping and Refuse Removal

For illegal dumping as well as refuse, rubble, and special removal, please contact:

Contact Details:

David Leeuw

Tel: 053-830 6841/2
Email: dleeuw@solplaatje.org.za​ 

Important For illegal dumping you can be fined a penalty of R500 including for building rubbles.​


For wildlife (snakes, meerkats, etc.), please contact Nature Conservation. In as much as we would like to assist with these matters it is beyond our jurisdiction.

Contact Details:

Environment and Nature Conservation
Tel: 053-807 7300