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An overview on Kimberley

sol plaatje photoKimberley is a city in South Africa, and the capital of the Northern Cape. It is located near the confluence of the Vaal and Orange Rivers. The town has considerable historical significance due its diamond mining past and siege during the Second Boer War.

Notable personalities such as Cecil Rhodes, made their fortune here, and the roots of the De Beers Corporation can also be traced to the early days of the mining town. The city of Kimberley is the major centre of the Sol Plaatje Municipality which includes Beaconsfield, Kenilworth, Modder River, Ritchie, Riverton, Ronald’s Vlei and Spytfontein. The Sol Plaatje Municipality is, in turn, within the Frances Baard District Municipality (often marketed as the Diamond Fields), the smallest yet most densely populated region of the Northern Cape.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality is named after the first Secretary-General of the African National Congress and writer, Solomon ‘Sol’ Tshekisho Plaatje. Steeped in exciting history, Kimberley boasts many traces of the past in its architectural heritage, historic sites, museums, heritage sites, and an incredible number of monuments.


Geographical & demographical information


The City of Kimberley is situated in the Northern Cape Province the largest Province in South Africa which occupies roughly a third of the countries landmass, and at 362000 square kilometres the province is nearly the size of the American State of Montana and slightly larger than Germany. the Province is sparsely populated creating large distances between towns. The Karoo basin dominates the province that consists of sedimentary rocks and Dolerite.

The south eastern corner of the province is high lying at between 1250m – 1900m the Namaqualand region occupies the west of the province which has gathered worldwide fame for its spring flowers. The central areas are generally flat with interspersed salt pans. Kimberlite intrusions punctuate the Karoo rocks, giving the province its most precious natural resource, Diamonds.

The north is primarily Kalahari Desert, characterised by parallel red sand dunes and acacia tree dry savannas. The Province also borders four of the countries nine provinces including Namibia and Botswana.

With the Orange River or Gariep River as the major river system in the province spilling in to the Atlantic Ocean Northern Capes shoreline that has attracted a lot of alluvial mining along the river and into the ocean itself.




The Statistics for the Year 2012, from the Tourism Information Centre (Front desk) of Sol Plaatje Local Municipality These statistics are captured from the number of tourist coming to the Tourist Information Centre.  It includes Domestic and International arrivals