The basic functions of the Wastewater Section (Sanitation) are to upgrade existing sewerage infrastructure (as to meet future requirements), extend the network (provide higher level of service to consumers) and maintain the existing network (ensure adequate rehabilitation and maintenance). The upgrade of existing reticulation is planned in terms of priorities as determined in the IDP, by Council and Civil Engineering Services.

Provision of waste water services remains a huge challenge for the municipality. The ever increasing demand of waste water services due to mushrooming of informal human settlement is in the rise. Although the Corporate Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA) is the custodian of waste water provision for newly established areas of this service is a not a core function for the municipality, overall performance of waste water services is affected negatively by this condition.

Areas within the municipality where basic sanitation services are not provided, pails or bucket are used as an alternative sanitation method although it is not recognized as a dignified and approved level of service.

Since Sol Plaatje Municipality functions as both WSA and WSP, waste water management functions are a full responsibility of the municipality with no external water services provider (WSP).

With the regulated segregation of functions between WSA (Compliance) and WSP (Engineering), Waste Water Management function is divided into two main units:

  1. Sewage Collection and Conveyance (Sanitation Services), which resides with WSP function (Engineering). This unit consist of:
    • Outfall Sewer Operations and Maintenance
    • Sewer Pump Stations
    • Sewer Collection system, and
    • Bucket Sanitation system (Night Soil Handling)
  2. Waste Water Treatment, which is under the WSA management (Compliance). There are five (4) Waste water treatment works (WWTW) in SPM, viz:
    • Beaconsfield WWTW,
    • Homevale WWTW,
    • Ritchie WWTW, and Riverton Oxidation Pond system

Generally, the condition of waste water management infrastructure is good to fair is some areas with old infrastructure. The municipality has invested, and still investing in improvement of the infrastructure to realize its goals. The minimum requirements in terms of basic sanitation services delivery are generally met, but challenges still exist in the informal settlements due to uncontrollable sprawling of informal dwellings.

Funding remains one of the main challenges for the municipality to timeously address challenges of maintenance, refurbishment, upgrading and development of new infrastructure at the same rate as demand and growth.


Contact Details:

Zughdi Adikary
City Engineer: Water and Sanitation
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Maximellia van Wyk
PA: City Engineer
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Email: mvanwyk@solplaatje.org.za

Winston du Plessis
Supervisor: Sanitation
Tel: 053-8306845
Email: mduplessis@solplaatje.org.za

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