Fire Services

The purpose of Fire and Emergency Services is the rendering of an all-inclusive effective emergency service for:​
  • Fire brigade service
  • Rescue
  • Disaster management  
The municipality is dedicated to providing the best service to the residents of Sol Plaatje through the following segments:
  • ​Operations
  • Public Safety 
  • Training
  • Logistics

Provisions to ensure a safe and a healthy environment for the community and to uphold basic human rights is achieved through effective and efficient management of the resources used to maintain and develop the basic requirement of emergency response, that is upheld through proficiency. 


Emergency Services 

  • To combat residential and veld fires.
  • To conduct 12 fire safety/prevention per annum.
  • To respond to call outs within the time limits as prescribed in table 1 and 2 of SANS 10090.

Commonage Management

  • To effectively and efficiently manage the 6 commonage farms.
  • To offer support to small and emergency farmers.
  • To impound animals loitering in the community.
​​The division operates on a 24-hour service and an emergency control center which responds to all incidents in the municipal area within predetermined times.​



​Contact Details:

Ntanti Sephiri
Tel: 053-8306277
Email: nsephiri@solplaatje.org.za

Ruth Vanto
Personal Assistant
Tel: 053-8306277
Email: rvanto@solplaatje.org.za