The municipality must promotion of a safe and healthy environment and the achievement of social development imperatives. The municipality strives to safeguard the social and environmental well-being of the community through the following functions.


Emergency Services | Back


Our purpose is to render an all-inclusive effective emergency service to the residents of the municipality. This includes fire [hyperlink to fire and emergency services section], rescue and disaster management activities.


Emergency Services

Ntanti Sephiri
Tel: 053-8306277

Ruth Vanto
Personal Assistant
Tel: 053-8306277/8


Library Services | Back


The purpose of the municipality's libraries is to provide complete information and research services to the community. In so doing the municipality can provide outstanding service delivery and a research unit, educating the public for life, and addressing all information challenges facing the community. Libraries promotes and provides a rich reading culture, research services and access to information.

Other Services:

  • Photostat facilities
  • Ring binding
  • Laminating
  • Fax facilities
  • Hire of library halls
  • Puppet shows/story hours
  • Holiday programmes for children
  • Inter library loan system
  • Study facilities including TSA books
  • Book reservations
  • Telephonic book renewals
  • Block loans to schools




Africana Library

Africana Library
Tel\Fax: 053 8306247
Mon-Fri: 08H00 -12h30
               13h30 - 16H15
Contact: Shirley James

Beaconsfield Library

Beaconsfield Library
Tel\Fax: 053 8306245
Mon – Fri: 09H00 - 13H00
                 14H00 - 17H00
Sat:            09H00 - 12H30
Contact: Manda Hough 

Galeshewe Library

Galeshewe Library
Tel\Fax: 053 8712315

Tel:        053 8306776
Mon - Fri: 09H00 - 17H00
Sat:           09H00 - 12H30    
Contact: Connie  Mazimba

Hadison Park Library
Tel\Fax: 053 8613374
Mon & Fri: 09H00 - 13H00
                  14H00 - 17H30
Tue - Thu:  14H00 - 16H30
Sat:             09H00 - 12H30
Contact: David Smit

Judy Scott Library

Judy Scott Library
Tel\Fax: 053 8741312

Tel      : 053 8306729
Mon – Fri:  09H00 - 17H00
Sat: Closed
Contact: Mary Thlomelang

Main Library

Main Library
Tel: 053 8306242/3/4
Fax: 053 8331954
Mon – Fri: 08H30 - 18H00

Wed:         09H00 - 18H00 
Sat:            08H00 - 13H00
Contact: Santie O'Connell

Sonny Leon Library

Sonny Leon Library

Tel\Fax: 053 8731161

Tel: 053 8306732 
Mon – Fri: 09H00 - 18H30
Sat:           09H00 - 12H30
Contact: Liz Jacobs


 Ritchie Library (Closed)
Tel\Fax: 053 5810040
Mon: 16H00 - 17H30
Wed: 10H30 – 12H30
Fri:     16H00 - 17H30   
Sat:    09H30 - 12H00
Contact: Madelein Louw


​​Library Services

Manda Hough
Acting Manager
Tel: 053-8306241/6001

Lillian Mokoto
Personal Assistant: Manager
Tel: 053-8306242


Motor Licensing and Registration Services | Back

Registration of vehicles must be in-line with Road Traffic Act (Act No. 93 of 1996). All relevant registration documents must be submitted and comply with the requirements of the Act.

  • The Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) checks and verifies vehicle roadworthiness. In that way determines whether the vehicles are in a good condition and are roadworthy. Testing is done according to the compliance standards of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

  • Drivers' Licensing is based on issuing legal, valid and authentic Learners' Licenses, Drivers' Licenses and Professional Drivers' Permits (PrDP) and License renewals.



Motor Licensing and Registration Services

Deon Moeti
Tel: 053-8306053

Maggie Murray
Personal Assistant: Manager
Tel: 053-8306050


Parks, Sports and Recreation | Back

The municipality manages and maintains the parks and gardens, stadia, swimming pools, cemeteries, and resorts in Kimberley and Ritchie. The municipality must ensure that it provides sport and recreational facilities, pleasure resort, parks and gardens, horticultural services, community halls and quality cemetery facilities and services to the residents of Kimberley.

Municipal Halls

The community can make use of any of the following public halls. Bookings can be made at the City Hall. Applicable tariffs can be obtained at the City Hall on enquiry.

  • Ghana Williams Hall in Beaconsfield
  • City hall in the City Centre
  • Floors Civic Hall at Floors
  • Motswedimosa in Ritchie
  • Rietvale Hall in Ritchie
  • Green Point Community Hall in Green Point
  • RC Elliot in Vergenoeg
  • Social Centre in Galeshewe
  • Recreational Hall in Galeshewe
  • Bantu Hall in Galeshewe


Bookings for burials and re-openings can be made at:

C/nr Green Street and Reserve Road
West End
Tel: 053 830 6439 



Parks and Recreation

Tumi Maropong
Tel: 053-8306624

Ingrid Strohmenger
Personal Assistant
Tel: 053-8306307



Primary Health Care Services (Clinics) | Back

The main function of Personal Health Services is the rendering of a primary health care service to all residents in the Sol Plaatje Municipal Area, through our clinics. Environmental Health Services provide effective professional environmental health services to our constituents. These include health inspections, vector control, refuse removal and cleaning services.




Beaconsfield Clinic
Rectory Street, Beaconsfield
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306621/27

Betty Gaetsewe Clinic
Sediti Street, Vergenoeg
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306091/92/93/94 

City Clinic
Bultfontein Road, New Park
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306615/16/17/26/31/84/85/88

Florianville Clinic
Stockroos Street, Floors
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306073/74/75/76/77/78/79/80/81 

Mapule Matsepane Clinic
Dinokwane Street, Galeshewe
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306086/87

Winston Torres
Raven Street, Roodepan
Kimberley, 8301
Northern Cape
South Africa
Tel: 053-8306102/03/04


Traffic Services | Back

The municipality is responsible for ensuring a safe road environment by providing efficient and effective law enforcement resulting in the reduction in the loss of life as well as the number of persons injured on our roads, free flow of traffic, and creating public awareness with emphasis to educate all road users to arrive alive.



Traffic Services

Chris Langford
Tel: 053-8306373

Claudette Jampies
Personal Assistant: Manager
Tel: 053-8306372


Waste Management and Environmental Health | Back

Municipal Health Services (MHS is a highly regulated environment with the following functions which focuses on issues that have to do with environmental safety for the community. The functions that the municipal undertakes are:Inspections of food premises for food safety

 Investigations of public complaints pertaining to food and environmental safety or infringement

  • Fumigation for environmental health and disease control

  • Refuse collection

  • Cleaning of dumps and streets

  • Special removals e.g. building rubble

  • Pollution control were illegal dumping has become a big issue within various communities

The primary approach within Environmental Health Services is the prevention and limitation of negative and adverse impacts on the health of our communities and the environment.

Illegal dumping is an offence that can be penalized with a fine of up to R500.00. Community members are encourage to refrain from such behavior and encouraged to report such offences.



Waste Management and Environmental Health

Keith Williams
Tel: 053-8306605

Annelle Swart
Personal Assistant: Manager
Tel: 053-8306605