The Mayor of Sol Plaatje Municipality, Mangaliso Matika, was inaugurated on the 19th August 2016 at the City Hall. This event would mark his first official day in office. Since this day, the Mayor has made appearances in various areas including but not limited to the following programmes:

                • Official Council meetings
                • Meetings of the Mayoral Committee
                • Events at which the Mayor officiated
                • Community outreach initiatives
                • Historical/ Memorial events and commemorations
                • Inter-governmental programmes
                • Official trips and Diplomatic visits to the city


These initiatives, some being legislative directives, formed the Mayor’s deliverables in office within the first 100 days. To see the full report, click here .

Since his 100 days in office, the Mayor has been involved in various other initiatives and at the forefront of service delivery issues to ensure that Sol Plaatje Municipality delivery quality and value to all communities within the municipality.

Here is the Mayor’s view of and ethos on the various issues affecting the communities of Sol Plaatje Municipality click here


Dignity, perseverance, and resilience in the leadership provided by the Mayor can be seen in the works of Mangaliso Matika since his involvement in politics dating back from being a member of the ANC Youth League Branch Executive Committee to being an REC member in 2017. To view the Mayor’s full profile please click here


Not all suits and ties, this crown of Kimberley knows the social issues affecting the communities he lives in and leads. The Mayor tackles issues ranging from crime, alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, poverty, unemployment, etc., delivery sentiments of which he echoed in this report recently delivered, see IDP report here  at Mitta Sperepere. This makes the Mayor’s office a core supporting structure within the municipal offices. As well as the delivery of the Mayor’s mandate as dictated by the community. Making community involvement key in the decision making processes of the municipality through the council committees.

A day in the life of the Mayor

What does the Mayor do?

  • Listens to the community.
  • Attends to your request     
  • Does the job.​ ​ 
  • Works to improve our economic development.        
  • Encourages education.​          









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                                                                                         ​        ​


    There is a lot more that the Mayor takes up in a day cultivating the municipality value:
     We Serve!
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