Approved Policies                                                    Approved By-Laws

 Appointment of Section 56 and 57 Managers Policy

Asset Management Policy

Budget and Virements Policy

Bulk Contributions Policy

Cash Management and Investment Policy

Communications Policy

Consequence Management Policy

Consumer Deposit Policy

Contracts Performance Management Policy

Cost Containment Policy

COVID-19 ( Policy and Procedures on Corona Virus)

Credit Control Policy

Customer Services Credit Control Debt Collection Policy

Debt Write off Policy

Deviation Procedures Policy

Disposal of Moveable Assets Policy

Documents and Records Management Policy

 EFT Policy

Fraud and Anti-Corrupt Policy

Fraud and Anti-Corrupt Prevention Plan

Fraud and Anti-Corrupt Prevention Strategy

Free Basic Services Policy

Indigent Management Policy

Informal Trading Policy

Information Systems Security Policy

Intergrated Human Settlement Policy

Intergrated Performance Management Framework

Land Use Management Scheme

LED Strategy

Long term Financial Planning Policy

Materiality and Significance Framework C38-05-18

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Revenue Enhancement Strategy

Short and Long-term Borrowing Policy

Policy on Risk Management

Policy on Internal Audit

Policy Regarding Audit Committee   

Preferencial Procurement Policy

Property Rates Policy  

Recruitment Selection Policy

Risk Management Framework And Policy

Sexual Harrassment Policy

Spatial Planning and Land Use Mangement Act

Spatial Development  Framework 2018-2023 (Draft)

SSEG PV Policy

Subsistence and Travelling Allowence Policy

Supply Chain Mangement Policy

Tariff Policy

Telecommunications Policy

UIF and W Expenditure Policy

Ward Committees Policy

Water Restrictions Policy

Advert Sign

Aerial Systems

Animals, Poultry and Bees control

Build Control

Caravan Park


 Debt Collection By-law

Draft Land Use Scheme 2022


Fire Brigade


Keeping of Dog Control

Land Use Management Scheme : By-Law

Law Enforce By-law

Outdoor Advertising

Property Rates By-Law

Residential Business

Standing Orders

Street Trade

Swimming Pools

Taxi Ranks

Water Services



Draft/Tabled Policies                                                 Draft /Tabled By-Laws

Draft 1 Supply Chain Policy

SPLM Contracts PolicyV2 1

Policy Resolutions Re MFMA (Act No:56 of 2003)                                      

Expenditure Beyond Budget Year

Failure to Approve Budget before start of budget Year

Financial Disputes with other organs of State

Financial Misconduct

Forbidden Activities

Impending Shortfalls, Over expenditure and Overdrafts

Irregular Expenditure Policy