Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion sub-unit is part of the Local Economic Development Section within Sol Plaatje Municipality that ensures that there is a concerted coordination to retain and expand (existing businesses) and to attract new investments into the City.


Recently Acquired Investments


       Sol Plaatje University

            Sol Plaatje Uni.jpg


                                                                                                              GWK Wheat Milling Plant

           GWK Wheat Miling Plant.jpg


                                                                                                                             Droogfontein Solar Energy Farm

          Droogfontein Solar Energy Farm.jpg


                                                                                       Royal Hospital and Heart Centre (Lenmed) Kimberley

       Royal Hospital and Heart Centre (Lenmed) Kimberley.jpg



Investing in Kimberley


This investment profile is a public document prepared as a guide, is available to all interested parties wishing to know the investment opportunities in Kimberley, and surrounds. This profile thus identifies potential investment opportunities available to local and foreign investors in the area of the jurisdiction of the Sol Plaatje Municipality.

The Sol Plaatje Local Municipality does not function in isolation from Frances Baard, the Northern Cape Province, South Africa and the World. It is crucial to have reliable information on its economy for effective planning. Information is needed that will empower the municipality to plan and implement policies that will encourage the social development and economic growth of the people and industries in the municipality respectively.


Link: Investment Promotion Profile