OUTCOME ONE: Marketing, promotion and funding

  • Promote competitive advantages of the CBD as a business destination in order to attract, retain and create businesses.
  • Promote the physical and spatial factors that can strengthen economic sectors with growth potential. 
  • Provide greater certainty for the private sector through enhanced public-private co-operation. 
  • Create spaces for micro-enterprises and small businesses and public infrastructure markets for trading.


OUTCOME TWO: Heritage, Tourism, Recreation and Entertainment

  • Make Kimberley a choice destination in central South Africa.
  • Higher number of visitors, conferences, exhibitions and events.
  • More activities after hours and on weekends.
  • Gateway for tourism in the rest of the city and region.


OUTCOME THREE: Access, safety and Security and Cleaning and Greening

  • Quality urban management, including higher levels of safety and security, cleansing, road and pavement management.
  • More sustainable management of natural resources and a reduction of waste and pollution effects.




Outdoor Advertising

Currently this sub-unit of LED unit forms the backbone of outdoor advertising control in Sol Plaatje Municipality. It serves as a platform and entrance which provide guidelines in controlling the outdoor advertising industry at the local level.

The main aim of this sub-section is to initiate and co-ordinate the control of outdoor advertising. It is aimed at minimising the impacts of outdoor advertising while maximising the benefits of this advertising medium at the same time. Application for licensing are applied at this sub-section.