Planned Water interruption: 26th April 2023


In order to undertake the upgrades and improvements necessary on the main supply pipelines, a smartball exercise needs to be undertaken , which is a technology used to establish leakages in a water pipeline. A water interruption is required to replace these dysfunctional isolation valves as preparatory work at both Riverton Plant and Newton reseivoir. This will also include a number of projects that will help improve the Municipality's water security.


The Municipality will therefore have a planned water interruption for the entire city from Thursday evening @ 20:00 the 04th May until 18:00pm on the 07th May 2023.


In the long term This exercise marks the beginning of a huge improvement in the water quality and water supply assurance to the Municipality.

Roaming tankers, flatbed trucks will be made available to residents, the plans and placement of Jojos will be communicated.

We urge residents to also make adequate supply provision to carry them through the duration of the interruption.

T Riet