Diamonds & Dorings Music Festival 2014







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Business Opportunity Day 2014







Investment of billions of Rands into the Renewable Energy Sector, Mining and
Infrastructure Development in the Province will result in significant
We invite small and medium businesses, development funders, banks and large
companies to join us as we start the conversation around how we can benefit
from these opportunities.

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NOTICE TO PUBLIC: Office Closure

Please be advised that all our Municipal Offices including Cashier/Payment Points will close at 13:00 , Thursday 17 April  2014.  Members of the public are advised to make payments/ purchase prepaid electricity at third party outlets like supermarkets and petrol stations . All other services like Emergency Services including our Electrical Call Centre will continue with normal operations in case of emergencies. Refuse collection will also proceed as normal on Thursday, Friday and on Monday.


The following is reported in terms of Chapter 1 Section 6(3) of the Supply Chain Management Policy, for the period 1 January 2014 to 31 March 2014

Implementation of the Supply Chain Management Policy.

All processes and procedures were followed in accordance with our Policy.  The annual review of the Supply Chain Management Policy was activated and referred to the Policy Manager who will facilitate the process.

Confirmation of Implementation of delegated powers.

It can be confirmed that all delegated powers from Council are implemented to comply with responsibilities in terms of chapter 8 of the Act (MFMA).  All procurement is done on updated, approved delegations and sub delegations in terms of Section 4 and 5 of the Supply Chain Management Policy.

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Notification is hereby given by the Sol Plaatje Municipality to all Residents and Businesses including Schools in  the area of  Greater No. 2,  Zone 2, Santa Centre including Shoprite and the Garage and Newtown and Tlhageng and other portions of Galeshewe of an Electricity interruption scheduled Thursday 20/03/2014 from 08:00am till 16:00 in the afternoon. Our officials from the Electricity Department will replace broken insulators on the Tyala overhead line and cut trees that have grown onto the overhead line.  Preparations have been done to ensure for the smooth running of the electrical replacement  work. The municipality would like to apologise to all for the inconvenience of being without electricity during the anticipated period.

Redundant Asset Auction







Registration Requirements: Each buyer has to be registered to bid. Proof of residence & ID-Document needed for FICAregistration. Visit to items on auction.
Registration deposit of R2 000.00 per bank or bank guaranteed cheque, debit or credit card or EFT. No Cash!

Terms & Conditions apply.


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Sol Plaatje Municipality - Load Shedding Schedule

We are currently at  stage 2, which means the municipality could decide how to reduce the electricity usage and we can confirm that Eskom has requested that we further reduce 10MVA  currently and we have commenced to reduce the load and managed to provide 23MVA by switching off the geyser loads instead of household loads. Residents might experience some hot water problems tonight in some instances but will be restored when the situation normalises. Depending on the situation this afternoon, should we reach critical levels, stage 3(Eskom decides which customer to shed) we might have load shedding again. The Sol Plaatje municipality has been given the following time schedule for in cases of load shedding.  

The load shedding schedule for Sol Plaatje Municipality

  1. 02:00- 04:30
  2. 10:00-12:30
  3. 18:00-20:30


NB: Reminder that that high lying areas may experience drop in water supply as our Newton Reservoirs complex is electricity depended while low laying areas will continue receive water due as the supply is based on gravity. Our sincere apology to all businesses, schools and all users for the inconvenience. Thanks for the cooperation



Thursday, 6 March 2014: Eskom has declared an emergency at 06:00 this morning and has asked key industrial customers to reduce load by 10% as from 08:00. Eskom calls on consumers to urgently switch off geysers, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances this morning to prevent the need for rotational load shedding. The power system is very tight. This risk has increased significantly due to the heavy rains over the last few day and an increase in technical problems experienced at some of Eskom's power stations.


Q091/2014 GIS Plotter - Withdrawn

Due to Incorrect specification, Q091/2014 GIS Plotter RFQ has been withdrawn until firther notice. Apologies for inconvinience caused.

Q087/2014 Sewer Line Closing Date Extension

Please note that the closing date for  Quote - Q087/2014 has been extended to Thursday, 20 February 2014. Another site meeting will be held on Monday , 17 February 2014 at 10h00, on Corner of Peace Khutsanong Street.  Those who have attended the first site meeting, don’t have to attend the second site meeting.

Q087/2014 Updated RFQ

Annual Report Review 2014

The Executive Mayor Cllr K.D. Molusi has tabled the annual report for the period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013 of the municipality at its Special Council Meeting of the 29th of January 2014. Members of the public and all other stakeholders within the municipal jurisdiction are hereby invited to submit their written comments either by e-mail to or or drop your inputs at any municipal service point. The closing date for submission of inputs is 28 February 2014 at 16h00.

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Notice: Extension of Quote Closing Date

Please note that Quote - Q078/2014 closing date has been extended to Tuesday 28/01/2014. A second site meeting will be held on Thursday at 09h00, 23/01/2014 at the Civic Centre 4th floor, Infrastructure and Services Board room.  Those who have attended the first site meeting, don’t have to attend the second site meeting.