The power system is severely constrained today due to unforeseen technical problems at power stations. As a result Eskom has had to go into stage 1 load shedding as of 11:00. This will continue until 22:00 this evening.

South Africa's power system is so constrained it has almost exhausted its reserve tank, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona said on Thursday.

He compared the power system to a car, saying South Africa has been on a reserve tank and now almost exhausted the reserve space.

"It is like driving a car which has passed its reserve margin, yet the dial continues to move to the point where you could pretty much have a breakdown. We have all but exhausted the reserve space."

Matona was giving his second quarterly update of the state of the system since he took office at Eskom three and a half months ago.

He repeatedly said South Africa is living on the edge. 

He said using the metaphor of a car was very helpful in explaining the situation. "The metaphor of the car is helpful as it says if you have a car and you drive it and continue to drive it, it will carry you but at some point it packs up. And this is what is happening with many of the generating units of Eskom."

"Any slight trigger can push us over! We are living on the edge."

Matona said it all boils down to maintenance. "Eskom is a highly technical environment, but we communicate over the heads of the greater public,” he said.

Matona vowed "utmost transparency" at all times. "One fundamental principle that you can be guaranteed we will uphold at all times is utmost transparency and to ensure at all times that the country knows what is happening."

On future load shedding he said the system remains vulnerable. “Any fault in the system pushes us over to load shedding.”

Temporary Road Closure.

Kindly be advised that the temporary road closures at traffic circle of Memorial and Bultfontein Roads including a portion of Bishops Avenue have been closed as per the authorisation of the South African Roads Agency, by the contractor doing construction work for the Sol Plaatje University on Bultfontein Road. As previously indicated, these closures are only temporary and all measures have be put in place to ensure smooth movement of traffic especially with the reopening of schools tomorrow in the city.

System Status Presentation - ESKOM

On December 9 we said the following…

We apologised to the nation for the inconvenience
of the past few weeks due to load shedding.We communicated that for an extended period the
power system is extremely constrained and vulnerable. With the system being tight, any abnormal event
pushes us into load shedding. With the reserve margin being low, we do not have enough capacity to meet demand, necessitating planned, controlled and rotational load shedding, to protect the power system from a total country-wide blackout. We also said that over the last few months we have seen a significant increase in unplanned maintenance/breakdowns on our plant (between 5000MW to 9000 MW) that has had a compounding negative effect on power system reliability.

Read Media Presentation by CEO: Mr Tshediso Matona

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