The Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to announce the Confirmed dates of the Planned shutdown as Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015.  The planned major  shutdowns will affect the entire city of Kimberley, Riverton and Plaatfontein in order to allow for repairs and an upgrades to be done on the main pipeline from Riverton to the city, as well as the installation of zonal meters.

We can also confirm that everything has been procured and the sites are being prepared in advance to minimise the downtime. The month of  July has been chosen because of the low water consumption in the winter months, as well as the fact that it is school holidays so disruptions will be minimal. We would like to give the assurance that everything is being done for a seamless execution of the repairs and instillations. Six places will be attended too, by two contractors teams while our own teams from Waterworks Section will conduct repairs on areas that have been reported. Each house hold is being requested to make adequate provision for the two days period, on average, we recommend that  between 150 litres to 300 litres will be required per family while we would also like caution everybody on the safety children when storing such quantities.   Contingency plans have been prepared  to ensure that static water tanks and mobile tanks will be deployed throughout the city to supply water. This process will be managed by the Fire Emergency Services and the public can call the telephone numbers 053 8324211 in this regard.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality (SPM) realised during the past couple of years that their water business is not operating at optimum levels and that unacceptable levels of water losses are experienced. The water loss problem is compounded by commercial problems in invoicing and collecting revenue from consumers. The above is resulting in high levels of non-revenue water which is putting financial strain on the municipality. The objective of the Non-revenue Water (NRW) Minimisation Project was to evaluate the extend of the situation, investigate the causes and formulate and implement solutions to address the challenges and reduce the levels of non-revenue water in order to make the water business of the municipality more efficient and sustainable. The project is funded by the SPM.


The NRW Audit revealed that 45% of all the water produced (production on average 75 ML/day) was lost due to leakage in the system,  6.6% was wasted or lost in internal leaks by consumers who were not paying their bills, 10.1% was used by unauthorised/unregistered consumptions and 7.1% was not recorded due to lack of meter readings or problematic meters. In fact only 26.2% of the water produced was properly metered, invoiced for and paid for by consumers. Rehabilitation and Optimisation Plans were also presented to the SPM, which consisted of a Commercial Rehabilitation programme and a Network Optimization programme. The Network Optimisation plan proposed minimal interventions that would render the network functional, both for present and future demands and properly reduce leakage by as much as 30% and reduce electricity costs from pumping by as much as 20%. Recommendations include zoning of the system into 15 zones, installation of bulk meters, installation of pressure reducing valves where required, decommissioning of 26 km of unnecessary pipes and the installation of a total of 6 km of new pipes to facilitate flow and replace undersized pipes.