Kimberley Diamond Cup Champion

Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler Edges Out Australian Tommy Fynn to Win World Skateboarding Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup

Nyjah Huston Upset in First Round by Netherlands’ Nassim Guammaz
 (Kimberley, South Africa – October 5, 2014) – The 2014 Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup concluded today in dramatic fashion. It was an all-out battle in the Street Championship Semi Finals with Nyjah Huston upset in the first round by the Netherlands’ Nassim Guammaz. Guammaz lost to Brazilian Kevin Hoefler in the third round. Hoefler would go on to battle with Australian Tommy Fynn in the Finals, just edging him out for the world title and $100,000 top prize.

With the Top 12 skaters representing seven countries, the expectation was high for Huston and fellow Americans Louie Lopez, Matt Berger, Tyson Bowerbank and Jereme Knibbs. But it was the international roster of talent that owned the day with Hoefler and Fynn topping Americans Lopez and Huston.

The Webcast of the 2014 Skateboarding World Championships at Kimberley Diamond Cup is available on demand



Highlights from the 2014 Street Skateboarding World Championship Finals:
Nyjah Huston: backside 180 nosegrind revert down the hubba ledge
Tommy Fynn: nollie flip 50-50 down the hubba ledge
Kelvin Hoefler: switch-frontside blunt down the rail and 360 flip lipslide down the rail
Louie Lopez: frontside shove-it down the 4-stair, 360 flip down the 4-stair
Nassim Guammaz: fakie ollie to switch 50-50 down the rail
Dlamini Dlamini – The South African skater broke his board in the first round against Canadian Micky Papa. Dlamini landed a frontside feeble grind down the rail. He rolled away but snapped his tail.







The other big story from the final day at the Skateboarding World Championships was 14-year-old Alana Smith joining the men to compete as the sole female skater in the Big Air “Best Trick” contest. Smith attempted a backflip over the gap several times before finally nailing it with just minutes to go in the session. Smith is the first female skateboarder to complete a backflip over the mini mega gap.

Lil Jon – The chart-topping U.S. rapper (“Turn Down for What?”) performed at the World Championships Saturday night for a sold-out crowd. He watched all the action from the Finals from the street course where he cheered on the pros and sprayed champagne on the winners during the awards ceremony.
Pro Street Finals Results & Cash Prizes

  1. Kelvin Hoefler $100,000
  2. Tommy Fynn $40,000
  3. Louie Lopez  $15,000
  4. Nassim Guammaz  $15,000
  5. Nyjah Huston $4,500
  6. Micky Papa $4,500
  7. Tyson Bowerbank $4,500
  8. TJ Rogers $4,500
  9. Matt Berger $3,000
  10. Tom Knox $3,000
  11. Jereme Knibbs $3,000
  12. Dlamini Dlamini $3,000

14th – 20th – $1,500
21st – 24th – $1,000

“I can’t find the words.  This is so great!” said Hoefler. “The first time I came to South Africa I made it to the final 12 and I promised myself that I will make it onto the podium this year.  I never expected to win and am very happy and excited.  This was amazing.”

Click here for the full results including scores from the entire 2014 Skateboarding World Championships at the Kimberley Diamond Cup

NERSA Approves Eskoms Increase

NERSA approved Eskom's plans to recoup losses after it had under-recovered money during the multi-year-price-determination 2 (MYPD2) control period between 2010 and 2013.

"NERSA announced Friday that it has approved the implementation plan of the Regulatory Clearing Account [RCA] balance of R7.818 million for Eskom Holdings SOC Limited," NERSA said in a statement.
"The RCA balance will be a once-off recovery from the standard tariff customers as well as other Eskom customer categories and will only be implemented in the 2015/16 financial year."

This means consumers will pay an extra four percent on top of the eight percent hike approved under the MYPD3 control period.
"The implementation of the second multi-year-price-determination [MYPD2] RCA in 2015/16 will result in an average tariff increase of 12.69 percent for standard customer tariffs from the eight percent approved in the MYPD3 decision of February 2013."
NERSA approved the RCA balance in July.
The RCA is a regulatory mechanism that allows Eskom to adjust for over-or under-recovery of revenue, as initial price determinations are based on projections and assumptions.


Relief for Consumers may be on its way.

Treasury has said it will be allocating support funding to state-owned power utility Eskom to "help relieve the impact on electricity consumers". Government announced a wide-ranging support package for troubled state-owned power supplier Eskom on Sunday that will see it receive an equity injection and raise additional debt. Eskom, which supplies 95% of South Africa's electricity, has been struggling to meet growing demand, hobbled by years of underinvestment and ageing infrastructure.

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Planned Electricity Shut Down - 10-07-2014

Residents of  the suburbs of Roodepan, Midlands, Homevale, Learato Park, Jacksonville,  Homevale Extension and all surrounding areas are kindly notified by the Sol Plaatje municipality of a upcoming planned electricity shut down at the HA Morris Substation and Midlands Substation on Sunday 12th July 2014 which will start at 07:00 until 17:00.  The  electrical shutdown  will result in no supply in the above mentioned areas as our electrical department  will be connecting  new transformers to the electrical network and  this forms part of our upgrade of the electrical infrastructure. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience due to the upgrade which is very necessary. Residents are advised to treat all electrical points as “live” as the electricity supply could be restored before the scheduled time of 16:00

Damaged Distribution Box - Dingaan 09-07-2014

DingaanResident of Dingaan Hostels and Nkgare Street including the surrounding areas are currently without electricity after a distribution box was knocked over by an unknown vehicle in the early hours of this morning. Our team is busy with repairs which are expected to take some time because the damage is extensive. The alleged person responsible for the damage drove off and efforts are underway to trace him or her as there are several items that were left at the scene which could assist the police to identify the culprit of what appears to have been a white vehicle. For safety reasons, resident are advised to take precaution and treat the electrical appliances as though the electricity current is working normally. Anybody with information regarding this is asked to contact the police or the municipality.

South Africans to Experience Proper Winter

South Africans will be experiencing proper winter temperatures this weekend as cold front hits the Western Cape, The cold front which is expected to bring heavy rainfall, localised flooding, snow and strong winds, Temperatures are expected to drop below zero. We urge the public to be vigilant when making use of equipment to stay warm in this time, with such low temperatures the risk of accidental fires, possibly leading to injuries and fatalities are much higher.

In case of fires please contact the fire department first on 053 832 4211 other emergency numbers are as follows

Fire Department :053 832 4211
Ambulance (EMS) :053 802 9111
ER24 :084 124
Netcare :082 911
Police :10 111


Scheduled Electricity Shutdown 02/07/2014

Notice is hereby given by the Sol Plaatje municipality of a planned electricity shut down at the HA Morris Substation  next week  Monday,  07th  July 2014.  The  electrical shutdown  will result in no supply as our electrical department  will be connecting  new equipment to the electrical network and  this forms part of our upgrading of HA Morris and Midlands Substations. The areas that will be affected will include Homevale, Homestead, Homelite,  Roodepan,  Pescodia,  Homevalley including parts of Galeshewe like  Witdam area, Boikhutsong, Vergenoeg Extentions 9, 4 and 2. We apologise for the inconvenience due to the upgrade which is very necessary. Residents are advised to treat all electrical points as “live” because the electricity supply  could be restored before the scheduled time of 16:00. Together We Serve.

Water Update (Pipe Repair) 26-06-2014

Kindly be advised that the below repair work has been postponed to Sunday 29th June 2014 in the afternoon, we humbly apologise for the inconvenience.

Water Update (Pipe Repair) 25-06-2014

Kindly be informed that the Sol Plaatje Municipality will complete the process to conduct repairs on the burst pipe at Corner Lennox and Du Toitspan Road from 5am tomorrow, Thursday 26th of June 2014. As previously indicated, we experienced problems during the previous attempts to connect the two pipes with a Johnson Coupling, which still continued to leak despite this effort. The asbestos pipe will be replaced with a UPVC (plastic) pipe and water supply will be restored during the same period of the morning. This will result in no water supply during this period and a request is being made to all affected residents and businesses to make temporary preparations. The affected area still remains the Central Business District area mainly. Any other area that might experience burst pipes should contact the municipality as such might not be related to this repair work. As this surely create massive disruptions, the Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience.