Our Aims

  • Ensure the long-term capacitation of municipalities in the province.
  • Provide municipal training for councillors, officials and community representatives, and community leaders.
  • Help improve service delivery through the provision of action-orientated training.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities regarding training and other staff development.
  • Strengthen co-operation and communication between the various role-players.

Long Term Goal

  • To build a viable municipal training capacity in the Northern Cape with resources and competence to meet required training needs, in line with current Local Government legislation.
  • MTI should be built on a sound long-term financial and administrative base.
  • Seek co-ordination with other relevant training initiatives in the province.


Courses Offered.

  • Financial Management: Planning and budgeting; Day-to-day routines; Financial statements; Auditing
  • IDP: Overview of the approach to compiling IDP’s; Historical background for a new planning process; Public participation; IDP Process; Implementation and review
  • Water and Sanitation: The project cycle for projects; Consultation process; Delivery options for services; Water balance; Options for funding and implementation; Water services development plan; Operation and maintenance procedures
  • Human Resource Management: The roles and responsibilities of councillors and officials in local government; Personnel provision and maintenance ; Training needs and the workplace skills plans; Performance management; Labour relations
  • Municipal Communication: The basics of communication and information; Information strategy; Communication tools; Verbal communication and meetings
  • Councillor Training: Enable legislation; Legislation and human resources; IDP; Finance; Gender
  • Introduction to Professional Service Delivery: Vision of the municipality; Municipal code of conduct; Batho Pele; Special needs; Values and Ubuntu; Teamwork; Communication
  • Professional Service Delivery: Vision of the municipality; Municipal code of conduct; Values and ethics; Batho Pele; Working with people who have special needs; Communication; Motivation; Negotiation and conflict management; Time management; Teamwork; Achievement of goals
  • Management Assistants: Personnel development and motivation, Public relations, interpersonal relations; Conflict resolution and stress management; Problem solving and decision making; Planning; Organisation and Evaluation; Office administration; Communication
Advantages for municipalities and other public bodies in using MTI training
    • Training material is developed by councillors, officials and consultants, working in very similar situations
    • Local training saves on costs
    • More councillors and personnel can be reached with local training
    • Training can be conducted in shifts, not to interfere with service delivery
    • Training across neighbouring towns allows participants to share ideas on problems and solutions
    • Training will be provided according to your organisation’s unique needs and time available
    • Combined commitment between MTI and role-players to implement acquired knowledge
    • Close linkage SALGA Northern Cape, main stakeholder of MTI.


  • MTI training materials have been aligned with various SAQA Unit Standards and Qualifications and have been submitted to various SETA for accreditation.
  • MTI has accreditation with the LGSETA


Agreement Document
SLA Treasury SLA Infrastructure Skills Development Grant 11/07/13



Name Designation Tel Email
Michelle Van Zyl Managing Director 053-8306230
Sheri Anthony Training Co-ordination 053-8306246
Carmen Herman Administrative Officer 053-8306718
Ina Mazzonccini Administrative Officer 053-8306281