Live in the City that Sparkles

An overview on Kimberley

live sol plaatjeKimberley, situated in the Northern Cape, the biggest province in South Africa, is also known as the diamond city. Kimberley, the site of the Big Hole, the largest hand-dug excavation in the world, measuring 215 metres deep with a surface area of some 17 hectares and a perimeter of 1,6 kilometres. The Kimberley Mine site started on or about 16 July 1871, and by 14 August 1914 all mining activities had ceased. By that time it had yielded 2 7 tons of diamonds extracted from 22,5 million tons of excavated earth. Today the Big Hole is surrounded by original old buildings from days gone by, relocated from their earlier sites to form a magnificent open air museum. With the rich history that the city owns among others the city also makes for a perfect home for roughly 200 000 people with top class schools and lifestyle for every individual.