Invitation for public participation in the drafting of the Policy on Informal Trading


Dear Stakeholders


The Sol Plaatje Local Municipality invites the public and all relevant stakeholders to take part in drafting the Informal Trading Policy.  This is done in accordance with the requirements of chapter 4 of the Municipal Systems Act, (Act no. 32 of 2000 as amended) and the Municipal Finance Management Act, (no. 56 of 2003).  Accordingly, a process of public engagements will be conducted with relevant stakeholders.


Copies of the draft policy are available on the Municipality's website, libraries, service centres as well as at the Civic centre.  Written representations, comments, or submissions Informal Trading Policy must be submitted to the Policy Management Unit at the Civic Centre, 1st Floor, Room 19, Old Building; faxed to 0865364 881 or e-mailed to on or before 30 October 2021.


For further enquiries, you may contact Mr Lebogang Mpotsang at: (053) 830-6482.

Please see policy below for your convenience